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Here's the Deal...

We're a business. Your business pays our business a little bit of money for a
little bit of time. In that time, we tell our listeners about your business, who
you are, what you do, and what you can do for them. That helps you sell stuff,
and helps your business become stronger.

 But, we're also a part of the community... a part of the family. We live
here. Our kids went to school here. We go to church, we go out to eat, we shop. 

Community means we're all in this together.

 That's why we give stuff away.

 We call them public service announcements. They're short messages that help
support local activities by non-profit organizations. And they're free. We like
talking about arts organizations, and community groups like the Rotary or the Lions Club or other cool animals! Church activities? We're good with
that. School stuff? Bring it on. If you're a non-profit organization, we want to
be talking about you and your activities.

 Not a lot of guidelines, here. We're locally-owned, and that means we make
our own decisions. One thing we will ask... if you're buying advertising for
your event somewhere else, we're going to ask you to buy advertising from us.
Because at the end of the day, we're still a business, and if we don't make some
money along the way, we won't be here to give stuff away.

 So send us your information. Who, what, when, where, maybe why, and be sure to include contact information... phone or e-mail, in case our listeners have questions.

Let us use our Big Microphone, our Big Transmitter and our Big Tower to put
your public service announcement in Radios all across the Big Country!

Tell us about your event!


In the section below tell us what the event is, whats its for, is it for a business, non-profit, benefit, fundraiser. We need to know the dates and times of your event. What will be going on at this event? ( Are you selling plates? Are you washing cars? Are you selling something? We need details! ) We need to have the flyer emailed to us. Please email it to ,fliers are VERY important for us to use on our social media platforms. Please take time to design a flier that correctly represents your event. 

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