The -93k Payday Promotion-

Contest Official Rules

By entering the Contest, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.



1.         SPONSOR: The sponsor of the Contest is EXTREME MEDIA, LLC (the sponsor) with offices at 209 South Danville Dr. In Suite A100, Abilene, TX 79605.


2.         PRIZE: The prize of the Contest consists of the following:  A chance at up to $93,000. Winner is guaranteed to win ONLY ONE of three amounts; $930.00, $9300.00, or $93,000, which amount will be determined on the final broadcast with the actual on-site contest.

The estimated total retail value of the prize of this Contest is up to ninety three thousand dollars ($93,000.00). While the is no guarantee someone will win $93,000.00 , the chance remains. The winner is not permitted to substitute the prize. The Sponsor reserves the right to substitute any or all of the prizes with any article or service of similar or greater value at its sole discretion. Prizes may not be assigned or transferred.


3.         HOW TO ENTER: You may enter this contest by visiting the live broadcast of each participating sponsor to sign-up to be one of three finalists. The finalists will be selected at the FINAL broadcast by drawing from those that have entered into the drawing at the "official registration locations". The FINAL Broadcast will take place at Arrow Ford, 4001 S. 1st, date will be announced at a later date, but with plenty of time to plan accordingly. Anyone who signed up MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE OF THIS FINAL BROADCAST! We will draw from the entries THREE names to become finalists. Those finalists will come on stage to play the 93K Money Bags game! Each contestant will choose a money bag, and keep choosing until they match 5 symbols/dollar Amounts. The first amount that matches (the 5 symbols/dollar amounts) is the amount the finalist will win! The three amounts up for grabs are $930, $9,300 or $93,000! Contestants are guaranteed to win only ONE of these amounts. At minimum each contestant will walk away with $930.00! All entries, as well as all copyrights thereto, will become the property of Sponsor. Sponsor will not be responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected entries. Your entry must be submitted within the Entry Period and all info requested must be completed (set forth in Section 6) or it will be deemed void.  Sponsor reserves the right to deem void and disqualify any entry for any reason, in its sole and absolute discretion, and without notice.


The personal information that you submit may be used by participating sponsors to offer you information on other offers or products or services.

Multiple entries are permitted. Each Official 93K Payday Live Broadcast Location you visit ONLY DURING THE ACTUAL LIVE BROADCAST will grant you 3 (three) entries into the contest. The more Official 93K Payday Live Broadcast(s) you attend, the more entries you receive.


4.        ELIGIBILITY:  The Contest is open to all residents of the 48 contiguous United States who have reached eighteen (18) years of age as of May 1, 2014. RESIDENTS MUST RESIDE WITHIN A 50 MILE OR LESS RADIUS OF THE CITY OF ABILENE,TX. Persons in any of the following categories are not eligible to participate or win a prize:  (a) persons who from and after August 31, 2013 were or are employees or agents of Sponsor or its affiliates, parent, subsidiaries, or the service agencies or independent contractors of the above organization(s); (b) persons who are engaged in the development, production, distribution of materials, or drawing of winners for this Contest; and (c) persons who are immediate family of or who reside in the same household as any person in either of the preceding categories.


5.         WINNER NOTIFICATION; REQUIRED RELEASES: A representative of Sponsor will select the finalists by random drawing, at the finale event.  The finalists must be in attendance of the finale event, if name drawn is not in attendance another name will be drawn. Being present at the final event is required. In the event that the person drawn is not in attendance, Sponsor will select a new name according to these rules. Additionally, if the winner is ineligible, it will be deemed as if the winner has rejected the prize, and Sponsor will select a new winner.

To claim the Prize, the winner must:

A.      Checks will be processed and mailed within four to eight weeks upon verification of eligibility and receipt of all completed prize winner paperwork. All taxes, including but not limited to, federal, state, and local taxes, and any other costs and expenses associated with the acceptance and use of a prize are solely the responsibility of the winner. The prize winners will each be issued an IRS Form 1099 for the value of their respective prize(s). Prizes cannot be transferred or substituted except at the sole discretion of Extreme Media, LLC.


6.         ENTRY PERIOD:  The Contest begins on May 1, 2019 and ends August 3, 2019.


7.         ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS: Sponsor reserves the right to terminate the Contest if fraud, technical failures or any other factor beyond Sponsor’s reasonable control impairs the integrity of the Contest as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion.  At its sole discretion, Sponsor may disqualify any person whom it considers to have intentionally violated the Official Rules or any element of the Contest.  By participating, entrants agree: (a) to be bound by the Contest Official Rules and the decisions of the person or persons who select the winners, and (b) to release and hold harmless Sponsor, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and independent contractors, and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents, including advertising and promotion agencies, from any and all liability with respect to acceptance, possession or use (or misuse) of the prizes or participation in the Contest.


8.         USE OF NAME, LIKENESS, ETC.: By entering the Contest, you hereby acknowledge and agree that Sponsor and Prize Provider (each a Sponsor Entity(ies) shall have the unlimited right in perpetuity and throughout the world to use and publish your name, voice, city, state, likeness, photograph, video, biographical and prize information, and other elements of your persona and identity, in all media now known or hereafter developed, for all purposes of this Contest, as well as for all general marketing, advertising, promotional, commercial tie-in, merchandising, and other business purposes of Sponsor Entities, all without notice or compensation to you.


9.       ENTRANT RELEASE: By entering this Contest, you forever release and discharge, and agree to hold harmless, all Sponsor Entities from any and all claims, causes of action, liabilities and damages: (a) for personal injuries, death, loss of or damage to personal property, and/or other harm or loss of any nature whatsoever sustained by anyone or anything in connection with your submission and participation in the Contest; and/or (b) for libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, violation of the right of publicity, infringement of copyright, or violation of any other personal or property right based upon, arising out of, or relating to any exploitation of your video (including your likeness and appearance embodied therein) by any Sponsor Entity pursuant to the rights grant set forth above.


10.       TAXES:  Taxes (federal, state, and local) are the sole responsibility of the winner(s).  Sponsor reserves the right to withhold and deduct such taxes and charges from the prize if and to the extent required by law.


11.       WINNERS LIST: For the name of the prize-winner, available after July 31, 2019, please send a separate, self-addressed stamped envelope to 93K Payday Contest c/o Extreme Media, LLC, 209 South Danville Dr. Suite A100, Abilene, TX, 79605.


12.       COPY OF THE RULES: To obtain a copy of the rules, please send a separate, self-addressed stamped envelope to 93K Payday Contest Rules c/o Extreme Media LLC, 209 South Danville Dr. Suite A100, Abilene, TX 79605.


13.       APPLICABLE LAW: These rules are governed by the laws of the State of Texas without giving effect to conflicts of law rules.


14.       PRIZE PROVIDER: EXTREME MEDIA, LLC the Prize Provider, through a third party entity (SCA)

ADDITIONAL RULES: Official Promotion Rules: The parties hereto acknowledge that Sponsor must prepare and post Sponsor's Official Promotion Rules which must be readily available to all potential contestants and must reflect the terms and conditions of this contract, including specifically the following terms:

a. Employees, agents, successors, and assignees of Sponsor, its advertising agencies and promotional companies involved in this Promotion, as well as family and household members of same, shall be ineligible to participate in the Promotion and shall be ineligible for any prize covered herein.

b. Names and likenesses of Promotion winner(s) may be used by Sponsor and Sponsor's designee(s) for promotional purposes without further compensation to Sponsor or the Promotion winner(s). Where Sponsor's Official Promotion Rules conflict in any way with the terms of this contract, the conflict shall be resolved according to the terms in this contract. Sponsor is responsible for any and all prizes payable under the terms of Sponsor's Official Promotion Rules which are not in compliance with or payable under the terms of this contract. Sponsor warrants that Sponsor's Official Promotion Rules comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations. 


4. Conditions:

a. If the actual conditions of the Promotion differ in any material way from those stipulated in this contract or amendments thereto, SCA incurs no liability unless such changes have been approved in writing by SCA prior to commencement of the Promotion.


b. SCA is not a party to or involved in the conduct of the Promotion and its name shall not be used by Sponsor in conjunction with the Promotion without prior written permission. Sponsor agrees to indemnify SCA for any claims initiated as a result of Sponsor’s implementation or conduct of the Promotion.


c. Unless otherwise stated herein, all claims for payment of prize awards must be reported to SCA, within three (3) normal business days of a potential winning event.


d. All copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights currently owned or created by the Sponsor or SCA shall remain the property of the respective owner or creator. SCA is a designee of Sponsor for purposes of paragraph 3.b. above. Sponsor’s use of the Promotion Name/Type above shall inure to the benefit of SCA. In addition to SCA's rights pursuant to 3.b. above, SCA further reserves the right to use the Promotion, the Promotion Name and/or images or descriptions of said Promotion in its promotional marketing materials without any compensation to any party involved in the Promotion.


e. Unless otherwise specified herein, any prize liability, incentive bonus, risk of excess redemption or performance award for which Sponsor has contracted with SCA hereunder shall not be indemnified, guaranteed or insured by any other entity.


f. This contract shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the state of Texas without regards to any conflicts of laws principles. Sponsor agrees that any dispute arising under this contract shall be resolved by binding arbitration pursuant to the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association. The site of such arbitration shall be Dallas, Texas. The prevailing party in any action to resolve a dispute hereunder shall be entitled to recover from the other party its reasonable costs and attorneys' fees incurred in such action. A party shall be deemed the prevailing party in any such action if (i) the net judgment or arbitration award in favor of such party is greater than an amount offered to it in a written offer of settlement prior to such award, or (ii) the net judgment or arbitration award against such party is less than an amount it offered to the other party in a written settlement offer prior to such award. An action to resolve a dispute hereunder shall include any action under the binding arbitration provision of this agreement or any action in a court of law. In the event of the dismissal of an action without settlement, the defendant shall be deemed the prevailing party with respect to such action.


g. This contract, including exhibits and attachments, represents the entire final agreement between Sponsor and SCA, and supersedes any prior agreement, oral or written. Any modification hereto must be in writing and signed by the parties. Sponsor shall maintain the confidentiality of this contract. If any provision(s) of this contract is unenforceable or waived in writing by SCA, all other provisions remain in full force and effect.