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Listener of the Week!

We hear so many people say how much they LOVE La Voz 93.3 FM! So we want you to show it, and WIN! Here's how the contest works, its real simple!


1.)Take a photo of yourself or with whoever, somehow some way incorporate La Voz 93.3 FM into your photo. Maybe you're holding a sign, or whatever you come up with, the only rule is that you incorporate La Voz 93.3 FM somewhere in your photo.


2.) Post the photo to your social media account and tag us in it.

Birthday's & Anniversaries

Everyone celebrates a birthday and an anniversary! We want to be a part of the celebration! You can submit your birthday or anniversary a number of ways! Any of our social media platforms, through the La Voz text line, by calling us or right here! Just fill out the form to the right and this will ensure we get it! Birthdays and Anniversaries are announced every weekday at about 7:45am!

Send Us A Song Request

How would YOU like to know about upcoming concerts, radio contests, and specials from local business? You can! Just register to be a member of the 93.3 VIP. We will send you email's or text messages no more than four times per month telling you about the great deals, fun contests and more!


Use the form below to sign up. Be sure to include your email address, and phone number if you would like to recieve texts. Get ready to be the first to know as a 93.3 VIP.


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